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    Application and interview process of senior high school sports specialty students of Ningbo Zhicheng school in 2020

    edit: read:255 Time:2020-05-28

    一、 Enrollment target and conditions

    1. The 2020 junior high school graduates who meet the requirements of Ningbo high school enrollment, have good ideological and moral character, physical and mental health, excellent academic performance, and have sports expertise and development potential.

    2. Sports - 8 skateboarders and 8 golfers, 16 in total, must meet one of the following conditions: (certificate attached)

    ① In the junior high school stage, he participated in the sports competition sponsored by the municipal education administrative department or above and won the top six individual events;

    ② Junior high school graduates with the top eight collective sports events, or junior high school graduates with the top three individual and collective sports events in the sports competition sponsored by the education administrative department at or above the county level, (those with outstanding physical quality are required to be appropriately reduced to the top two individual positions in the school sports meeting) or those with special performance reaching the level of national level III athletes;

    ③ Athletes whose special performance has reached the national level II level can be admitted preferentially after being tested.

    二、 Time and method of application

    Registration time: May 22-24, 2020 online registration

    Application method: when going through the application procedures, you need to bring the original of award certificate, grade certificate and one application form (you need to paste one inch color photo of yourself recently)

    Application form: https://www.wjx.top/jq/76119409.aspx

    Contact: Miss Yang 18906682969

    三、 Place and time of test

    Sports - skateboarding, golf, school sbsx track and golf course.

    Specific interview time: from 8:30 a.m. on May 31, 2020.

    四、 Test instructions

    Sports - skateboard and golf test include two parts: quality (70 points) and technical and tactical application (30 points).

    (1) Quality and special examination description

    Part I: Common test content

    1、 Body shape data:


    2、 Competitive ability evaluation:

    (1) Physical fitness

    1. Evaluation method of core strength and core stability:

    "Eight level abdominal bridge"

    Level 1: keep the initial action for one minute;

    The second level: on this basis, raise the right hand and extend it horizontally forward for 15 seconds;

    Level 3: put down the right hand and lift up the left hand for 15 seconds;

    The fourth level: put down the left hand, raise the right leg and extend it horizontally backward for 15 seconds;

    Level 5: put down the right leg, extend the left leg backward, and keep for 15 seconds;

    Level 6: keep the left leg flat, and raise the right hand at the same time for 15 seconds;

    Level 7: lower the left and right legs, then lift the left and right legs for 15 seconds;

    Level 8: return to the starting position for 30 seconds.


    (Level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4)


    (Level 5, level 6, level 7, level 8)

    2. Evaluation method of lower limb strength (skateboard items are not tested)

         (1) 30 meter sprint: take squatting start, plastic track, no spikes.


    (2) Standing long jump


    3. Evaluation of the ability of coordination and balance:
    Standing with one foot closed eyes: test the maximum fixation time, both left and right sides


    4. Flexibility assessment:
    Sit forward: use sit forward tester.


    Part II: test content of special material selection

    ● skateboard

    1、 Special physical fitness assessment

    (1) Upper limb strength assessment method:

    Self weight pull up: adopt positive grip mode, do not use body swing, abdomen and leg bending and other additional actions, if there is swing, assistant can stabilize it with help. Time 30 seconds, test the number of actions completed by the players, taking the athletes' chin crossing the bar as one time.


    (2) Strength quality of lower limbs

    1. Squat with weight: test the maximum strength of extensors of lower limbs

    2. Vertical jump: test the leg muscle's rapid contraction strength when jumping vertically upward


    3. Test side squat over obstacle jump 80cm-100cm

    (3) Agility and coordination

    1. Five meter three-way turn back run: test speed, sensitivity and coordination quality

    Test method: the distance between AB, AC and ad is 5m. Start from a, run to B, then turn to return to A. similarly, complete the running between AC and ad, and stop timing when returning to a.


    (4) Aerobic capacity test

    1. 400m run: test the anaerobic ability and forbid wearing spiked shoes.

    2. Three leaps.

    (5) Flexibility

    1. Transverse fork: the extension ability of left and right legs to measure the maximum distance from the hip to the ground.


    2. Vertical fork: the stretching ability of the front and back of the two legs, and the maximum distance from the hip to the ground.


    (6) Balance ability

    Weight bearing wave speed ball squatting: test balance control ability, lower limb stability, lower limb muscle endurance.

    Test method: put the wave speed ball in reverse, squat until the bottom edge of the hip is lower than the knee, the weight of men is 10kg barbell pieces, women are 5kg, and complete the times in one minute.

    2、 Special skill assessment:

    Test the sense of direction in the air: jump up in place, rotate 180 and 360 degrees in the air, land steadily and fall back at the origin of the jump.

    (2) Technical and tactical application

    1. Group competition (20 points). Group and competition system shall be determined according to the application, and grading shall be conducted according to the ranking.

    2. Application of techniques and tactics in the competition (10 points)

    5、 Admission method:

    1. Take part in the middle school entrance examination, according to the total score of the middle school entrance examination and the total score of the professional quality test, synthesize the comprehensive score, and choose the best from the high score to the low score.

    The synthetic formula of examinee's comprehensive score is as follows: examinee's comprehensive score = total score of middle school entrance examination ÷ total score of professional quality test × score of examinee's professional quality test × (1 - α) + examinee's middle school entrance examination score × α (α is the percentage of middle school entrance examination score). α = 70%. The score of the middle school entrance examination shall meet the minimum score line of physical culture defined by the school every year.)

    6、 Other precautions:

    1. Please bring your ID card with you during the interview.

    2. Those who are determined to be candidates for specialty students will be selected for admission according to the number of applicants and the number of applicants.

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