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    Bilingual primary school enrollment brochure

    一、 School profile

    Founded in 1996, Ningbo Zhicheng school is a small class international boarding school with bilingual kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and senior high school. The school is a garden villa style architecture with elegant environment and fresh air. The school has been rated as "Zhejiang Model School" and "Ningbo Institute of Educational Science Experimental School".

    二、 Introduction to the principal

    Shi Jinna, principal of Zhicheng Bilingual Primary School Department, won the National May 1st Labor Medal and the title of expert enjoying the State Council's allowance. She was elected as the 12th National Congress of Chinese women, and was rated as China's good principal, national excellent teacher and national key teacher. She was the first outstanding principal of national education reform and innovation, national top ten principal of primary school and national excellent principal of primary school, national NOC innovation management principal ;

    三、 Educational concept

    Principal Shi Jinna adheres to the education concept of "building a sunny campus with a sunny mind, shaping a sunny youth and building a sunny campus". With the goal of "teaching with characteristics, curriculum with characteristics, teachers and students with expertise and culture with taste", she aims to build a team of teachers with broad knowledge, outstanding ability and sustained growth; cultivate active learning, physical and mental health Building an international sunny campus with harmonious atmosphere, balanced development and orderly management

    四、 Curriculum

    1. Domestic curriculum: the basic curriculum of Compulsory Education Section stipulated by the State shall be fully developed by adopting the teaching materials of people's Education Edition.

    2. American Curriculum (40%): American English Academy American curriculum takes CCSS American core state curriculum as the standard and aero curriculum structure as the center. The teacher team and teaching research management are directly carried out by Georgia foreign children's school in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and taught in Zhicheng school in Ningbo. This course uses research-oriented English teaching materials, learning English through active hands-on scientific experiments, and stem courses including tynker programming course and learning management system (LMS). AEA uses American family and friends series textbooks, supporting workbooks and wonder series.

    、 Teachers' team

    The core of sincerity is a dedicated and inspirational team of teachers. The team of Chinese teachers is united and stable, and many people have won the honorary titles of "new comer in the teaching field", "excellent teacher in the district", "excellent head teacher in the district" and so on;

    Sincere foreign teachers are high-quality professional educators from native English speaking countries, with professional teacher qualifications, they have received professional training, can explain, demonstrate, motivate and let students participate in the learning process.

    六、 Characteristic teaching mode of small class

    Ningbo Zhicheng Bilingual Primary School is the first experimental school in Zhejiang Province to implement small class teaching, with no more than 25 students in each class. The small class teaching mode provides guarantee for children's learning space, teacher-student interaction, personality development and so on.

    七、 Characteristic courses

    1. AEA foreign teacher courses (40%)

    The AEA program has 10 class hours per grade every week, and about 600 domestic students from large class to eighth grade participate in the study. In order to improve the academic nature of the AEA program, the tribal learning community model and five agreements are integrated into students' courses and daily activities. The tribal model aims to develop students into inclusive, cooperative and kind leaders.

    AEA courses include American English, American science and stem.

    2. Required course of violin music

    In order to cultivate children's Chinese and Western thinking and international culture, in the interest cultivation, we strive to inherit the advanced Chinese and Western culture, cultivate elegant artistic cultivation, and set up the required courses of Cello and violin. All students must choose one of the two instruments as the required instrument. It is also the starting point of sincere international education to enable students to make achievements in art, enhance self-confidence and have the courage to overcome difficulties. The establishment of Zhicheng Youth Philharmonic Orchestra is not only the witness of school art education, but also the extension and development of school art education. It provides a good platform for children's art practice. Every year, the school organizes students to participate in all kinds of off campus art competitions, and also gets good results. In December 2019, in the Zhejiang competition area of the 14th International Youth Art Festival of supreme glory, Zhicheng Youth Philharmonic Orchestra won the "Special Gold Award" for its performance "whenever I walk past the teacher's window", and the school was also rated as "excellent teaching demonstration base".

    3. Required courses of international sports of golf and skateboarding

    The school has professional coaches, international skateboard track and golf driving range, which can stimulate children's interest in participating in sports, improve the competitive level of sports, and create a strong campus sports atmosphere.

    The sbsx skateboard track in the school, with a total investment of 5 million yuan, is designed by the best extreme sports venue construction company in the United States and operated by local technicians. The National Youth skateboarding competition has been held, and China National skateboarding team and China Disabled Persons' Federation snowboarding team have all come to the school skateboarding field for training.

    Golf attaches great importance to etiquette and rules. From the beginning of students' contact with golf, they are imperceptibly learning etiquette and rules and cultivating noble sentiments. To lay the foundation for the cultivation of a new generation of excellent students with comprehensive development and strong overseas competitiveness.

    4. Rich elective courses and extracurricular activities

    hicheng school's after-school activities are composed of a series of sports, academic, artistic, technological and cultural oriented activities. All sincere students participate in it every week. Students will also participate in leagues, competitions and exhibitions with schools in other regions, such as Xinhua junior high school reporter interviews, simulated UN, student English reading competitions and Ningbo school leagues.

    八、 Unique quality of life

    1. The school has a vegetable and fruit base of more than 400 mu

    The school has a vegetable and fruit base of more than 400 mu (Brandenburg Art Park, Cicheng City, also the outdoor labor practice and art education classroom of Zhicheng school), which provides pollution-free and pollution-free green vegetables and fruits for students; the school cooperates with imported food trading companies, and directly imports ecological beef from Australia for students to eat. Our canteen is rated as A-class canteen in Zhejiang Province and Ningbo model canteen!

    2. Michelin Western Chef: David Du Dushen

    He has been engaged in western cuisine for more than 10 years and has successively worked in nice Accor hotel in France and Marriott in Orlando in the United States. Now he is the chef of Western food in Ningbo Zhicheng school. David Du has a strong sense of responsibility and pays attention to teamwork in his work. Have all kinds of professional skills and management ability of Western food Zero and banquet. His participation adds an artistic color to sincerity.

    3. Accommodation environment:

    Warm, beautiful and garden like dormitory, 4-5 people / room, with air conditioning, equipped with full-time life teachers to take care of students' daily life. The school is equipped with full-time doctors and nurses, 24-hour medical services for students, necessary first-aid facilities and 24-hour emergency vehicles, so that every parent can feel at ease.

    Application conditions: born from September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2014, with unlimited household registration.

    Enrollment plan: two classes will be enrolled in 2020 academic year, 25 people in each class, 50 people in total.

    Tel: 0574-87588188 87564066 18957485358 (wechat same No.)

    School address: No. 377, Jiangbei Avenue, Ningbo

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