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    Zhicheng Welfare Institution

    Ningbo Jiangbei Hongtang welfare institution was originally financed and built by government and Mr. Zhu Xiushan who donated 3 million and is Taiwan compatriot from Ningbo. It has been run with public welfare purpose by Zhicheng education group for more than 10 years, and is located in the scenic area of Sun Lake and Baoguo Temple, only 1 kilometer away from Sun Lake reservoir, hundred meters away from Sun Lake garden and the entrance of Jiangbei hiking trails. Baoguo temple is nearby. The scenery is pleasant with fresh air, which is good for elder people! It has a complete range of functions, such as baby care, catering, gym and medical room, providing single apartment for the elderly. There are also child care services for elderly people with mobility problems. Every year the children and teachers of Ningbo Zhicheng school come to visit them.

    Contact Us

    Tel:13205747776(Ms. Wang)

    Address:Anshan Village, Hongtang, Jiangbei 

    District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

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