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    International elite team

           At the heart of Zhicheng is a dedicated and inspiring faculty. Chinese teachers are united and stable, and have got many honorary titles such as "new talent in teaching ", "excellent teacher in district", "excellent home teacher in district" and "gold medal coach in Olympic mathematics".

           Foreign teachers come from more than 15 countries and regions, holding professional teaching certificates from their own countries. Our foreign teachers’ team cooperates with  Georgia School, the first school for children of foreign personnel in Zhejiang Province, offering AEA course (American English Academy). The AEA course , designed by the Georgia Foreign teachers’ team and taught in Ningbo Zhicheng School. The course uses research-oriented English textbooks: American Family and Friends series textbooks, learning English through active hands-on scientific experiments. It also includes Tynker programming courses and STEM courses such as learning management system (LMS). AEA teachers are highly qualified professional educators who are professionally trained to explain, demonstrate, motivate and involve students in the learning process.



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