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    Seven School Characteristics

    一、 Small Class Mode

    Our bilingual primary and secondary school departments adopt the characteristics of small-class education, with maximum of 25 students in each class, so that children can get more opportunities to communicate and express, operate individually, explore and think, and get more attention and care from teachers.

    二、Rigorous and Progressive Teaching

    In addition to the basic courses in compulsory education stipulated by the our country, American courses are specially offered, accounting for about 40% of the total courses.

    ● Chinese curriculum-using Chinese teaching materials for primary and secondary schools;

    ● American curriculum-using the AERO curriculum supported by overseas schools of the U.S. Department of State, primary and secondary school materials provided by McGraw Hill Education Press and taught by professional foreign teachers.

    三、Professional Foreign Teachers

          We have a dedicated and inspiring foreign teachers team . The ASA curriculum of our school is coordinated and managed by Georgia School, the first school for children of foreign personnel in Zhejiang Province. Each teacher has a professional teacher certificate from a native English-speaking country, and 70% of the teachers have master's and doctoral diplomas.


    Small Class Mode


    Rigorous and Progressive Teaching


    Professional Foreign Teachers

    四、Cello and Violin Course

          All the students must choose between the cello and violin as a compulsory musical instrument. In order to cultivate children's Chinese and Western thinking and experience international culture, in the cultivation of interest, we strive to inherit Chinese and Western advanced culture and develop elegant artistic accomplishment, of which the required courses for cello and violin are one of them.

    Encourage students to make achievements in art, be self-confident, and enhance the courage to overcome difficulties, which is also the starting point of Zhicheng international education.


    Cello and Violin Course

    五、  International Sports Courses: Skateboarding, Golf, Canoe.

          The school has professional coaches and world-class skateboarding track, golf course and a 500m professional canoe training channel, which can stimulate children's interest in sports, improve the competitive level of sports and create a strong campus sports atmosphere.

    It is worth to mention that the school's SBSX skateboarding track, with a total investment of 5 million yuan, is designed by the best extreme sports venue construction company in the United States and built by native American technicians.

    Golf needs great attention on etiquette and rules. When students start their first class of golf, they have been learning etiquette and rules imperceptibly to cultivate noble sentiment. We help to make foundations for training a new generation of excellent students with all-round development and strong overseas competitiveness.







    六、A Unique Quality of Life

          We have a vegetable and fruit farm of more than 400 mu (Brandenburg Art Manor in Cicheng, which is also a outdoor art classroom for students) to provide students with pollution-free green vegetables and fruits; the school cooperates with imported food trading companies to import ecological beef directly from Australia for students. Our canteen was rated as Zhejiang Class A and Ningbo demonstration canteen!

    a)     Our Michelin Star-rated Chef: David Du

           He has been engaged in western food cooking for more than 10 years and had worked in Nice Accor Hotel in France and Marriott in Orlando, United States. After returning to China, he served as head chef of French restaurant at Sheraton Hotel, head chef of Western food at Marriott Hotel in Suzhou, executive chef of Michelin 2-star MIKUN in Shanghai, and is now head chef of Western food in Ningbo Zhicheng School. David Du has a strong sense of responsibility and pays attention to teamwork. He has all the professional skills and management skills of western food and banquet. He adds an artistic color to Zhicheng school.

          b) Dormitory

    Warm, beautiful, garden-like dormitory, air-conditioned, equipped with full-time dorm teachers to take care of students. We have full-time doctors and nurses providing medical services for students all day, with necessary first aid facilities and 24-hour emergency cars, so that parents can feel at ease.

    七、 After School Activities Program

          Our after school activities program consists of a range of extracurricular options including sports ,academic ,artistic,technology and cultural oriented activities. All of our students are expected to participate in ASA each week. ASA students participate in tournaments, contests and fairs such as Xinhua Junior Journalist Interview, Model united nations, English reading competition, and competitions with other schools in Ningbo.


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