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    Little Beethoven Bilingual Music Kindergarten

    The little Beethoven bilingual music kindergarten is subordinate to Ningbo Zhicheng school, which is located in Ningbo Zhicheng school. It covers an area of more than 5200 square meters, with a green area of more than 3800 square meters. Four colorful European style villas in the kindergarten are matched on the lawn, with the environment atmosphere of Western European style garden.


    European Garden Teaching Building


    Hand Painted Art Wall by American Painters 


    Natural Ecology Teaching Area

          Under the guidance and influence of Ningbo Zhicheng school's international education concept, the little Beethoven bilingual kindergarten has gone through the road of international education for more than ten years, integrating international advanced culture and education ideas, pursuing international education quality and teachers. It has always regarded the cultivation of babies with international vision as the education goal, and is an international kindergarten with high quality.

    Our Philosophy:

    In the past ten years, we have been cultivating children's innovative thinking, healthy body and mind, creativity and self-confidence, aiming to lay a solid foundation for their future development. In little Beethoven bilingual music kindergarten , we...

    We believe: how important it is to believe in the recognition of all children's cognition and ability.

    We know: we know and teach children to understand tolerance and respect.

    We encourage: we encourage and support children's innate curiosity and initiative.

    We advocate: we advocate children's all-round development and strengthen home school contact.

    Our Curriculum:

    In little Beethoven kindergarten, we see children as active learners who discover the world around them. A seed, an ant, or an obstacle - everything can be a source of inspiration and education.
    a) Mandarin Class

    Our Chinese courses are implemented in strict accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Education and are updated from time to time. In order to cultivate children's all-round development and master the essence of the five core areas, all the daily teaching and activities are carried out around the following eight subjects:

    Mandarin, English, Sociology and Mathematics

    Science, Music, Art, Sports and Health

    b) IEYC

    We invite foreign teachers from native English speaking countries to offer IEYC courses. Curriculum ieyc is an international and authoritative English course system for the future. The course training objective system covers the improvement of children's understanding ability, practical ability and expansion ability, and pays more attention to the cultivation of children's innovative thinking, excellent quality and international vision. IEYC course not only enables children to learn English in an all English immersion teaching environment, but also captures children's natural curiosity. It provides a meaningful learning environment for children.

    Our Staff:

    We have a team of professional teachers dedicated to early childhood education, including Chinese and foreign masters in preschool education, New York University graduates in preschool education, Ningbo excellent educators, Ningbo Wang Kuancheng award winners, Ningbo education rookie, Jiangbei District Education rookie, Jiangbei District excellent teachers, etc. Teachers with full enthusiasm and high level of service influence and help your child's healthy growth!

    Characteristic Courses:

    a) Cello and Violin Course

    Cello and violin are one of the compulsory courses for little Beethoven. This course can develop children's left and right brain thinking, exercise their attention in the process of playing, let children make achievements in art, enhance their self-confidence, and generate courage to overcome difficulties, which is also the starting point of International Education in little Beethoven kindergarten.

    b) Golf Course

    The golf course of little Beethoven kindergarten aims to lay a foundation for the cultivation of a new generation of excellent students with comprehensive development and strong overseas competitiveness. From the beginning of children's contact with golf, they are imperceptibly learning these etiquette and rules, so as to cultivate noble sentiment. It will help cultivate children's strong will and the spirit of constant pursuit.

    c) Skateboard Course

    We have professional teachers and perfect skateboard super cross track, which can stimulate children's interest in participating in sports, improve the competitive level of extracurricular sports, create a strong campus sports atmosphere, and make skateboarding really become an important part of children's fitness, leisure and entertainment! 

    SBSX Skateboard Base

    With a cost of 5 million yuan, it is designed and built by a professional American skateboard construction company, constructed by American workers, and drawn by an American painter. It once held a national skateboard competition.

    A Healthy Learning Environment

    The classroom is equipped with air conditioning, managed by full-time life teachers. Meals are well prepared,and vegetables and fruits are provided by BRANDENBURG ORGANIC FARM of Zhicheng school. Beef for students is directly imported from Australia.

    Visit and Consult

    0574-87588188 (Admissions Office)

    189-5744-6377 (Director of Kindergarten Ms.Gao)


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