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    Introduction to bilingual High School of Ningbo Zhicheng school in 2020

    Pugao Code: 079   art music class code: 094   Golf Code: 165   skateboard Code: 166

    Founded in 1996, Ningbo Zhicheng school is a small class boarding school integrating kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and senior high school, with Chinese and foreign students studying in the same school. The school is a garden villa style architecture with elegant environment and fresh air.
    The school now has more than 300 Chinese and foreign teaching staff and more than 1600 Chinese and foreign students. The school has been rated as "Zhejiang Model School" and "Ningbo Institute of Educational Science Experimental School".

    一、 School characteristics

    (1) Experimental class, ordinary class

    The school offers experimental class and ordinary class. According to the students' foundation, the students are taught in different levels and classes. After several years of practice, the students reflect well and the results are remarkable. The international characteristic elective courses are taught by senior foreign professional teachers. The integration of the independent Chinese and foreign curriculum system not only improves students' English language listening and reading level, but also helps students to strengthen their language application ability.

    (2) Art, art and sports specialty class

    In 2003, the school began to establish a special art class. Over the past ten years, our school has formed a relatively perfect training and management mode for art students with sincere characteristics, and the score of art college entrance examination has steadily increased year by year. In recent years, the qualification rate of Zhicheng art specialty students in the joint examination of Fine Arts in Zhejiang Province is 100%, and the online rate of fine arts undergraduates is more than 75%. Many people were admitted to famous schools such as the Chinese Academy of fine arts.

    High school characteristic art class is divided into broadcast host, film and television performance, music performance and other majors. The school has professional Blue Box Studio, multi-functional dance room, large-scale training hall, professional piano room, etc. it is fully equipped, and employs many national first-class actors and famous teachers of colleges and universities to come to the teaching assistance.

    The school was officially approved by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of education in 2019, and began to recruit skateboard and golf sports talents, becoming the first school in Ningbo to recruit skateboard and golf sports talents. We have professional foreign skateboard coaches and perfect skateboard track, golf practice ground.

    (3) International class

    The school offers language characteristic classes, teaching IELTS, Korean, Japanese, etc. at the same time of learning high school courses, so as to lay a good foundation for students before studying abroad for further study. Every year, many students enter famous institutions of higher learning in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States through international preparatory classes, which have truly become the cradle of world-famous universities.

    二、 Campus culture

    The school has skateboard club, literature club, Astronomy Club, Photography Association, hip-hop club, animation club and other associations, which regularly hold activities and exhibitions, enriching the students' spare time life and becoming a bright landscape in the campus. The school has invited many international and domestic famous experts and scholars to give guidance and lectures. It has no distance from experts and is in step with the world.

    三、 Life management

    Warm, beautiful, garden like dormitory area, single room, cold and warm central air conditioning, equipped with full-time life teachers to take care of students' daily life.

    In terms of meals, the school has a vegetable and fruit base of more than 400 mu (Brandenburg art manor in Cicheng). In addition to providing pollution-free and pollution-free green vegetables and fruits for students, it is also an outdoor labor practice and art education classroom for students of Zhicheng school.

    The school is equipped with full-time doctors and nurses, 24-hour medical services for students, necessary first-aid facilities and 24-hour emergency vehicles, so that every parent can feel at ease.

    四、 Admission plan and conditions

    (1) In 2020, it is planned to recruit 368 freshmen from senior one, including 26 students with excellent art skills, 20 students with excellent music skills and 16 students with excellent sports skills.

    (2) Candidates from Haishu, Yinzhou, Jiangbei and hi tech Zone shall fill in the application form (application code of Pugao: 035, application code of art and music class: 167, application code of golf: 165, application code of skateboard: 166) after taking the secondary school entrance examination, and be uniformly admitted by the central recruitment office.

    (3) Candidates from other counties (cities) and districts will apply for admission with their examination permit and score sheet after their scores are announced.

    五、 School address and contact information

    Address: No. 377, Jiangbei Avenue, Jiangbei District, Ningbo (bus 330, 337, 339, 333 to Xuxia of old house or bus 98 to Jiangbei Avenue, Hongda South Road)

    Tel: 0574-87588188 87564066 18957485358

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