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    [tug of war competition for teaching staff] a hemp rope, which demonstrates sincere struggle and struggle!

    edit: read:222 Time:2020-05-28

    [tug of war competition for teaching staff] a hemp rope, which demonstrates sincere struggle and struggle!
    Staff tug of war

    In order to promote the construction of campus spiritual civilization, enrich the amateur cultural life of teachers and workers, promote the vigorous development of mass sports activities in our school, enhance the physique of teachers and workers, comprehensively develop the physical quality of teachers and workers, and enhance the organizational discipline and collectivism spirit of teachers and workers, the annual tug of war competition of Zhicheng school was successfully held on November 28.

    There are 8 teaching staff teams in the whole school

    The fierce competition has begun

    Wonderful moment

    Each team adheres to the competition tenet of "friendship first, competition second". No matter the contestants or the students and teachers who are shouting and cheering, they all participate in it with full spirit.

    In a sound of laughter

    A whistle accompanied the cry

    Everyone is fighting for the victory with all their strength

    Tug of war competition stresses unity is strength, love to fight will win. A hemp rope draws everyone's feelings and hearts closer; a hemp rope connects solidarity and friendship; a hemp rope represents sincere struggle and struggle.

    Final results published:

    First place: high school group 1

    Second place: administrative general affairs group

    Third place: U.S. Department

    Fourth place: Life Group

    Fifth to eighth: high school group 2, canteen group, primary and secondary school group, kindergarten security group


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