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    Bilingual High School

    ☆Ordinary class and experimental class. The school offers ordinary classes and experimental classes. According to the students' basis, the students are taught in different levels and classes. After several years of practice, the students reflect well and the results are remarkable. The international characteristic elective courses are taught by senior foreign teachers. The integration of the independent Chinese and foreign curriculum system not only improves students' English language listening and reading level, but also helps students to strengthen their language application ability.

    ☆Art class. Our school started to set up art specialty class in 2003. Over the past ten years, our school has formed a relatively perfect training and management mode for art students with sincere characteristics, and the score of art college entrance examination has steadily increased year by year. In recent years, the qualification rate of Zhicheng art specialty students in the joint examination of Fine Arts in Zhejiang Province is 100%, and the online rate of fine arts undergraduates is over 75%.

    ☆Art class. High school characteristic art class offers four majors: dance performance, stage dance beauty, film and television performance and music performance. The school has professional Blue Box Studio, multi-functional dance room, large rehearsal hall, professional piano room, etc. it is fully equipped, and employs a number of national first-class actors and university famous teachers to come to the teaching assistance.

    ☆International class. The school offers language characteristic classes, teaching IELTS, Korean, Japanese and other courses at the same time of learning high school courses, so as to lay a good foundation for the students before going abroad for further study. Every year, many students enter famous institutions of higher learning in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States through international preparatory classes. International preparatory classes have really become the cradle of world-famous universities.

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