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    Sincere enrollment process

    一、To know Zhicheng School

    Website: log in and read the school website carefully

    WeChat ID: subscribe to the school's official WeChat account and read the history and recent articles carefully

    Click to view the enrollment profile





    二、Online application

    Click here to register online directly


    For kindergartens, primary schools and junior high schools
    The school will conduct primary selection for all the filled in forecast name information


    三、Visit the campus, meet at home and school

    In order to better promote the mutual understanding between the school and students' families, we will inform students and their parents to attend the home school meeting and visit the campus. Bilingual Primary School and junior high school students will meet with the principal for admission.
    Bilingual senior high school students will take the test before the entrance examination. After the score of the test is announced, the senior high school will start to register.



    Parents of registered students can get the list of applicants, sign the enrollment agreement, and complete the registration and enrollment after paying the fees within the time specified by the school.

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